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Business Opportunities

Who are we?

The Lipo Clinic & Spa is the most respected and trusted name in the field worldwide. The name continues to be the most recognized name and is the first and last step in Cosmetic Surgery.

The Institute is headed by world renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr Mohan Thomas MD (USA), FACS (USA) and is fully dedicated to the Art and Science of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Thomas draws surgeons from all over the world to be his understudy. We are committed to prove world class services at a reasonable cost in our certified facility.

The Lipo Clinic & Spa led by Dr Mohan Thomas and his surgical team is always interested in partnering with dedicated and like minded Doctors / Hospitals and Business groups for mutual growth.

Why Partner us?

  • Proven model(tried, tested and successful)
  • Join the winning team
  • Professional satisfaction
  • Socially rewarding
  • Keep pace with scientific advancement
  • Financially rewarding
Prerequisite for franchise
Qualified surgeon / Hospital With good infrastructure
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