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Implants for Body Contouring

Muscle contour can be improved with the use of implant.

Body Contouring is way beneficial for people who feel unhappy about their physical appearance. It is especially for people who want to achieve desired muscle bulk in areas such as calf, chest and arms even after regular exercises.

These implants are made of silicon and do not affect function in any way.

Incisions are placed in natured creases where they become imperceptible over time.

Normal activities can be resumed in a few days time. Full physical activity will be restricted for 6 weeks.

Pectoral and biceps implants are meant for enhancing male body contour whereas calf implants are used in men and women.

The Lipo Clinic and Spa in India is the best option for body contouring. You can visit our centers at Mumbai and Goa for a consultation on procedures for Body Contour or Implants Surgery by our expert cosmetic surgeons.
Body Contouring Surgery India
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