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About The Lipo Clinic & Spa -

Liposuction Surgery

The Lipo Clinic™ is one of the world's first fully dedicated and equipped institution for Liposuction and Body Sculpting. We are proud to announce our unique TTL™ (True To Life) patented line of rejuvenate procedures designed especially for the body. The PHI ratio is taken into account for all of our procedures, rendering astounding balance to the bodies we sculpt.

This concept of focused care is to deliver high quality, consistent results and most importantly safely. We are therefore able to offer these services at a reasonable cost -- always affordable!!!

The Lipo clinic will also offer lipo transfers with stem cells derived from lipo aspirates. The transfers will further be energized by the addition of key growth factors to increase life and viability of the lipo grafts. Lipo transfers are routinely done to the face, breast, gluteal region and appropriate tissue defects. In short the applications are too numerous to mention and the possibilities are endless. Our expertise in Tissue engineering and handling as well as the dedicated fat bank increases the shelf life of the stem cell enriched lipo aspirants.

Preoperative assessment, intra operative care and post operative management are always monitored and finely tuned. Dietary changes and management as well as required physical activity to burn calories is part of the regimen at the Lipo Clinic, specialist for Liposuction surgery in Mumbai - India.

Our final result is the unique blend of Artistry / Sculpting for your needs and expectations. No wonder we have a 98% patient satisfaction ratio and still striving to improve.

What are you waiting for? -- let Dr. Mohan Thomas MD (USA), FACS (USA) and his surgical team design and sculpt one for you!
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The Lipo Clinic & Spa
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